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Instagram Feature: Kory Kennedy

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We love that Instagram is a platform that inspires to create and travel.

Over the next few months we will be featuring some of our favorite grammers and getting their stories on their favorite adventures!


Our first feature is, Kory Kennedy (@wolfkennedy). Kory is from Madill, Oklahoma and studies English at Oklahoma State University. After graduation, he’d love to move to Chicago because he is ultra inspired by the overall culture there.


Kory, we see on your instagram that you’ve traveled to some rad places! Which place has been your favorite? Why?

 Oh man, this is a big question, but I think my favorite place that I’ve been so far is Joshua Tree National Park, which is way down in southern California. I went there on a road trip on Spring Break 2k15 with a group of friends. On that trip we hit the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and finished up in San Francisco. Yosemite was amazing. It is so difficult to imagine how massive Half Dome and El Captain are, and even when you are standing there in the valley, it is hard to believe that you are really that small. But Joshua Tree stole my heart. That was my first time to experience the desert and it was so otherworldly. I kept thinking about

Interstellar in the closing scene when Brand (Anne Hathaway) landed on the planet to start new life. And I think that is one reason that I fell in love with it the way I did, because the only thing that I could compare Joshua Tree to was a different planet.

What’s your favorite memory or a good story from one of your travels?

 This one is easy. My best road trip memory happened on Christmas break of 2k13 in San Francisco. I was with my friends Jake, Jameson, Cody, and Brandon, and this was my first extensive road trip. All five of us packed into my Jeep Cherokee somehow, with enough clothes and snacks for a whole week. We hit the Grand Canyon first, and planned on spending the night there, but decided to go ahead and drive to San Francisco, which ended up being our best plan of the trip (some of the best road trip experiences happen when you completely go against the plan you had in mind). We got to the campsite around midnight and honestly had no idea where in the world we were. It ended up being an old military base on the other side of the bay of San Fran. We pitched our tent and prayed that we weren’t going to be killed during the night.

Thankfully we didn’t, but I did wake up with a brutal nosebleed. Since we had gotten to the site we had no idea as to what our surroundings looked like, and though it looked like a murder scene waiting to happen in the night, the sunrise showed us a different story. We all woke up in our sweaters and leggings like a bunch of sorority girls and ran down this massive hill that lead down to massive rocky beach. I would try to explain how incredible seeing the sun rise behind San Fran was, but I think attaching pictures would be much better than any words I could write. 



What place would you like to visit in the next year?

 Other than about three places, I have been lucky enough to travel and see so much of America, so my sights are set on places abroad. My mom said that the only thing she has on her bucket list is to travel and hike Machu Picchu with me, so I think that is my biggest travel plan for the next year.


Who would your ideal travel companion be?

My first answer to this would be my wife, but since I am very single right now (wink wink) I can’t use that answer. My favorite author is J.D. Salinger, so I think that I would have to pick him because I fell like he would have a lot to say. And I would have a lot to ask him. Like, what happens to Franny and Zooey glass? How did you come up with the perfect character in Zooey Glass? Can you tell me more about Seymour?

What are your top five favorite road trip songs?

  1. Hard to Explain by The Strokes
  2. Who Knows Who Cares by Local Natives
  3. Only Son of the Ladies Man by Father John Misty
  4. Levitation by Beach House
  5. Sedona by Houndmouth

Any tips on how to plan a sick road trip?

 So the first thing you need to do when planning a trip is to get a group of people. I would argue that the people are as important as the destination. Figure out a destination that all people are excited about, because no one wants a debbie downer. Having the right materials are crucial. Know what you are going to need. If you are camping in Colorado, you are for sure going to need a rain tarp and an under tarp for your tent or you are going to wake up very unhappy, and being unhappy in the morning sets up for a unhappy day.

Also, you can plan the heck out of a trip to the minute, but don’t be afraid to change plans on the fly. In retrospect, you are not likely to regret it. But also could be worst decision ever, who knows.

What do you enjoying doing in your free time?

 In my free time I really enjoy singing as loud as I can in my car, bringing people grocery shopping with me, going to Chipotle and Chick-fil- a, drinking my favorite wine Joel Gott (the cab sav), doing crossfit, and occasionally taking pictures.

Well there you have it! Kory gave us some cool stories, a starter-playlist and great tips on taking the best roadtrip. We hope you got some inspiration from his words & photos. Keep up with his adventures & check out more of his photographs on his Instagram @wolfkennedy. Start a conversation with him & become his friend!

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