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Instagram Feature: Brandon Baker

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We recently got to catch up with another one of our social media favorites, Brandon Baker (@thebrandonbaker.)

Now a professional photographer with his wife over at The Baker's Photo, Brandon Baker left the corporate world for adventure, travels and a pretty amazing van. We got a few seconds during Brandon's busy schedule to chat with him about those very things. 


Your Instagram is full of pictures from really cool places. Tell us about your favorite place.

I always feel that my favorite place will be the next place I travel! So far my favorite place to travel/stay is in San Diego, CA. I love the historic Gaslamp District and then just a few miles away are beaches, it is a great city!


Just as/maybe more important, your Instagram is full of pictures of your van. What's the story there?

I have always wanted a van, preferably a Volkswagen! I knew I wanted one that was healthy and that had a lot of character, so I was very picky in my search for one. I ended up selling my very nice truck to be able to afford one, and I bought a one way plane ticket to Detroit, Michigan to look at one. As soon as I saw it I was in love. "Winston" drives as good as he looks, and he continues to impress me as we have already taken him on many trips in the past few months. It was the best purchase.


Who would your ideal travel companion be?

Well I feel that I already have a great travel companion, my wife Colette (@cdbaker). She keeps me focused and is a great life partner!

Our next trip we are planning to take our two pups with us, and I can't be more excited to go on journeys with them!


Do you have a favorite picture from one of your trips? What’s the story behind it?

The most meaningful picture from a trip is one my wife took of me next to a small waterfall. We were on a 5 miles hike in the middle of nowhere. I had not prepared for hike very well, forgot to bring food and water, and being hungry and thirsty was starting to affect me. I was just about to make us turn around when we I saw this beautiful waterfall and the scenery around it. At that moment my mindset changed. I was in awe of the beauty that the world has to offer, and I realized how blessed I was to be able to experience different parts of the world.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy drinking coffee, hanging out with my dogs, and preparing for our next adventure.

One piece of advice you couldn't live without?

Love what you do and do what you love. Don't listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it.

 And we couldn't agree more. Thanks again to Brandon Baker, and don't forget to check out both of the Bakers and all their incredible photos

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